Monday, 12 December 2011

Why am I writing a Blog?

I have been providing my own maths tuition for about 7 years.  I have found that I really enjoy tutoring and that it is something that I am very good at.  I have always loved maths and the satisfaction of helping children to overcome a subject that many of them lack confidence in is great.  I love the interaction with young people and enjoy working with them to reach their goals.  I have been surprised about the spread of pupils that have wanted tutoring, some of them struggling with the basics, whilst at the other end, some just needing to secure that A* grade.

I soon became completely full with a waiting list and was being inundated with yet more requests for maths tutoring and also asked if I knew of tutors for other subjects so about 3 years ago I launched Chatterton Tuition.  I had worked for other agencies in the past and found that there were apects to these that I thought was unfair.  I decided that Chatterton Tuition had to be the type of agency that I would have worked for.  The commission rates are low and we do our utmost to make sure that the right tutor is placed with the right pupil.  We are all independant, we have our own tutoring styles, different personalities and we realise that this is the same for all our pupils.  Despite the ongoing recession the business has flourished and there continues to be a big demand for tutoring, especially in maths.  Most of the enquiries that come in continue to be by personal recommendation.  Whilst this is great and business is growing, I can't help feeling that there are more people out there that just haven't found us yet. 

This is why we have now joined Facebook, Twitter and now blogging.  My intention is to blog about running my own business and the juggling that I have to do to fit in with my own family life.

At Chatterton Tuition our main business is tutoring.  We currently have well over 100 tutors on our books and numbers are still growing.  Only last week I was chatting to a new tutor who wants to tutor Health and Social Care - a fairly new subject that is becoming more popular.  We have tutors who cover nearly any academic subject that our schools offer.

Since launching Chatterton Tuition I have learnt many new skills and am adding to these all the time.  In particular I have had to learn about website design and am continually trying to improve the website to make it more readable and to improve its ratings in the search engines.  Today I have been adding more A Level Maths pages.  I have several A level maths students who I tutor and have written detailed worked answers to some of the past exam papers.  I'm told that these have been really helpful, they are now all available for free on the website I suppose it is fairly sad to say to that I have really enjoyed writing them. I am planning to have a go at Core 3 and Core 4 too.  The answers aren't a problem, it is getting it all set out in the word documents that is harder especially with diagrams and mathematical language - yet another learning curve!


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