Friday, 15 November 2019

Spanish Tutors

When I was at school I studied German and French at O level.  For me Spanish wasn’t an option.  These days many schools offer so many more languages and most offer Spanish.
There are 480 million native Spanish speakers in the world so it really isn’t surprising that many students choose to study this subject.  Spanish is spoken in over 20 countries (including Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and of course Spain).  The sheer number of Mandarin Chinese speakers in the world has also led to schools offering lessons in that language, to equip students to deal with the international challenges of the future.
To cope with demand we have several Spanish tutors on our books at Chatterton Tuition, some are native Spanish speakers and some speak Spanish as their second language.  However we have recently had an increase in demand for A level Spanish tuition and we just don’t have enough tutors to cover all our enquiries.
Some of our competitors may have some great Spanish tutors (such as First Tutors, Personal Tutors or some of the more local ones such as Up Your Grade or York and Area tutors) and I have no doubt that you will get a good tutoring experience with these.
However we are constantly working to address these imbalances.  We have a widespread network of teachers and tutors in the local area.  We have good working relations with many of our local schools and before you could say “Hola”, we now have several new Spanish tutors who are going through our rigorous recruitment procedure.  We have some excellent new Spanish tutors now working with us.

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